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Issues We Can Help With

Stress Management – Each person has coping skills or ways of living with stress that are acquired over the years.

Anxiety Disorders – Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It can make it easier to deal with a tense situation, study harder, or keep focused. But when anxiety becomes excessive it can become disabling.

Eating Disorders – Eating disorders are real, treatable medical illnesses. They are not due to bad behavior or lack of will power. They involve serious disturbances in eating behavior.

Parenting – Being a parent is probably the most important job many of us will ever have. Yet many of us are minimally prepared for the enormity of the task of raising our young ones from infancy to adulthood.

Domestic Violence – Domestic violence occurs in a relationship when one partner keeps a position of power and control over the other by the use of fear, intimidation and control.

Substance Abuse – Public health experts tell us that the use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs results in the single biggest health problem in the country today.

We offer consultation for many other issues. Please see our Issues page.