Stress Management

Each person has coping skills or ways of living with stress that are acquired over the years. These coping skills may include strategies that have worked in the past, techniques we have learned from family and friends, and various skills we have observed in others or learned about through reading. In spite of all of our substantial skills and determination, there are times when the demands of the situation go beyond our knowledge and coping resources. Going beyond our knowledge and coping capacity is actually a normal part of being human, but we forget that it is a predictable factor of everyone’s life at different times.

Stress management describes a variety of psychological methods designed to manage situations, help us avoid making things worse, and learn ways to adapt to the situation without undue distress. There are many different stress management techniques available to help people manage stress more effectively – like relaxation, exercise, biofeedback, hypnosis, and effective cognitive-behavioral therapies. While we acknowledge that stress will always be a part of our lives in one form or another, stress management is an effort to assist us in getting through difficult situations without making the situation worse.

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